22 Eddie Munson quotes that will make you want to join the fantasy game world

Eddie Munson quotes
Eddie Munson quotes
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“I say you’re asking me to follow you into Mordor. But the Shire- is burning. So Mordor it is.” – Eddie Quotes

Eddie is willing to go on a dangerous mission because the current situation is even worse and requires immediate attention.

“We’re the freaks because we like to play fantasy games.” – Eddie Munson Quotes

Eddie acknowledges that society labels people who are different and enjoy playing games as “freaks.”

“It’s forced conforming. That’s what’s killing the kids- that’s the real monster.” – Eddie Quotes

Eddie believes that the pressure to conform to societal norms is detrimental to children’s mental health.

“This year is my year. I can feel it.” – Eddie Munson Quotes Stranger Things 4

Eddie is optimistic about the future and believes that he will have a successful year.

“Um, you know, just on a daily basis.” – Eddie Quotes Stranger Things 4

Eddie is being sarcastic in response to a question and implying that the statement is irrelevant or insignificant.

“Henderson told me you were a bad@ss. Insisted on the matter, in fact.” – Eddie Munson

Henderson has spoken highly of Eddie, calling him a bad@ss.

“In other words, flattery works with me.” – Eddie Munson

Eddie admits that flattery can influence him.

“This is music!” – Eddie Munson

Eddie expresses his enthusiasm for music.

“How is any of this stuff legal?” – Robin

Robin questions the legality of something.

“Well, lucky for us, it is.” – Eddie

Eddie reassures Robin that whatever they are doing is legal.

“My old man was teaching me how to hotwire.” – Eddie Munson Sayings

 Eddie is revealing that his father was teaching him how to hotwire a car, which may be relevant to a situation they are currently in.

“I’m just starting- Harrington’s got her. Doncha big boy?” – Eddie Munson Moments

Eddie is flirting with Robin and teasing Steve.

“Durable. Deadly and reliable. Hear me now- there will be no retreating from Eddie the Banished.” – Eddie Munson Quote

Eddie is confident in his abilities and warns others that he will not back down.

“I mean look at us- we’re not heroes.” – Eddie

Eddie admits that he and his friends are not heroes and are not equipped to handle dangerous situations.

“This is for you, Chrissy.” – Eddie

Eddie dedicates a song or action to Chrissy.

“Dude- most, metal, EVER!” – Dustin

Dustin expresses his excitement about a metal song.

“I mean, I feel like I’m losing my mind doing a drug deal with Chrissy Cunningham, the queen of Hawkins High.” – Eddie Quotes

Eddie is nervous about the situation they are in and the person they are dealing with.

“Don’t try to be heroes. There is no shame in running.” – Eddie

Eddie advises his friends not to try to be heroes and instead prioritize their safety.

“Chances of success are 20-1.” – Eddie

Eddie acknowledges that the chances of success in a particular situation are low.

“We showed you that school didn’t have to be the worst years of your life.” – Eddie

Eddie and his friends have shown that school can be fun and enjoyable.

“You were doing this cheer thing. You know, The thing you do…It was pretty cool actually.” – Eddie Munson Quotes

Eddie expresses his admiration for Robin’s cheerleading skills, showing that he is not bound by traditional ideas of what is considered “cool” or not.

“Yeah, well, I actually kinda thought you’d be kinda mean and scary too. In other news, Flattery works with me.” – Eddie Munson Quotes

Eddie humorously admits that he thought Robin would be intimidating and flattery would not work on him, but instead, he is friendly and susceptible to flattery.


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