53 Lil Peep: Quotes on Love, Life, and Loss That Millennials Will Relate To

Although he passed away young, Lil Peep quotes still teach us about life, love, and pursuing our passions.

Lil Peep, whose real name was Gustav Elijah Ahr, drew inspiration from musicians like David Bowie and Fall Out Boy.

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What Are The Benefits Of Reading These Lil Peep Quotes?

Lil Peep, born on November 1, 1996, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, started putting out music on SoundCloud in 2014 and quickly gained fame.

He’s recognized as a key figure in modern emo music.

His songs talk about drug use, feeling down, and relationships—topics many people understand.

His quotes give fresh views on life’s brevity.

Sadly, he passed away at 21 from an accidental drug overdose before a concert in Tucson, Arizona.

Here are some of his memorable quotes on love, life, hard work, and music.

Lil Peep quotes on love

1. “Love now, cry later.” — Lil Peep

2. “I wish I didn’t have the heart to love you.” — Lil Peep

3. “I feel like I’m creative, and I want to take advantage of that.” — Lil Peep

4. “I wish I was a little less… passionate. I’m a very passionate person.” — Lil Peep

5. “She was probably thinking bout me. I was probably thinking bout cheese.” — Lil Peep

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Lil Peep quotes on life

6. “I always knew I was gonna be an artist. I was very confident in that.” – Lil Peep

7. “Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling. Darling, your love is like walking a bed of nails and I just can’t keep on fine.” — Lil Peep

8. “Sometimes life gets fucked up. That’s why we get fucked up.” — Lil Peep

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9. “Never be ungrateful.” — Lil Peep

10. “I think the planet is very sad. I also think a lot of people are very ungrateful, which is another big problem.” — Lil Peep

11. “I was dying and nobody was there. Please don’t cry baby, life ain’t fair.” – Lil Peep

12. “Look at the sky tonight. All the stars have a reason.” — Lil Peep

13. “I help my friends out when they need it. I’m extremely generous.” — Lil Peep

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Lil Peep quotes on hard work

14. “I did this all by myself. Matter fact, I ain’t never ask no one for help.” — Lil Peep

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15. “I wish I didn’t have a heart to love you.” ― Lil Peep

16. “Tell the rich kids to look at me now.” — Lil Peep

17. “If you’re not a fun enough character, then no one’s gonna fuck with you because you don’t have enough shit that’s different.” – Lil Peep

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Lil Peep quotes on music

18. “I always make music as an art – it’s never been a product for me.” – Lil Peep

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19. “Music makes me cry.” – Lil Peep

20. “This music’s the only thing keeping the peace when I’m falling to pieces.” — Lil Peep

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Lil Peep quotes on love and life

21. “Promise me it’s real, girl I got a deal, you could be my girl I could be your world.” — Lil Peep

22. “I want people to hear what I have to say, and I want to be able to get a lot of points across.”— Lil Peep

23. “What you call a sin, I call a part of my day.” — Lil Peep

24. “You have to be grateful for what you have.”— Lil Peep

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25. “Everything changes with time. You can’t predict where you’re gonna be next year; you have no idea, you know what I mean?”— Lil Peep

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Lil Peep Quotes To Make Your Day

26. “Bring me down. It’s not that easy to lay me down, just please don’t leave me.” —  LIL PEEP

27“Ash is our purest form.” — Lil Peep

28. “My mommy raised me so well.” — Lil Peep

29.  “Once I found out that people were making careers for themselves off the internet, independently, I was really inspired.”— Lil Peep

30. “My tattoos have become a part of me. When I look in the mirror, I just see my face.” — Lil Peep

31.“If I die, don’t cry. Look up at the sky and say goodbye.” — Lil Peep

32.  “Bother me, tell me awful things. You know I love it when you do that.” — Lil Peep

33. “We can fall apart, start over again.” — LIL PEEP

34. “I want to do a lot of different things and dive into different worlds.” — Lil Peep

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Lil Peep Quotes that Echo His Unique Voice

35. “They let me do my diploma from home, but I always knew I was destined to do something creative, so I didn’t care.” ― Lil Peep

36. “Burn me down till I’m nothing but memories.” ― Lil Peep

37. “I help my friends and the people around me because I am very generous.” ― Lil Peep

38. “They gon’ miss me when I’m dead, I lay my head and rest in peace.” ― Lil Peep

39. “Yeah I just wanna feel alive..baby take your time.” ― Lil Peep

40. “I’m very… controversial for some reason. ” ― Lil Peep

41. “I don’t mind it. My friends think it’s kind of rude of the people to come up to me and treat me like an object.” ― Lil Pee

42. “Down another lonely road, I go.” ―  Lil Peep

43. “I like meeting people on a genuine level. Like, ‘OK, if this person wants to meet me and I want to meet them, let’s do it.’ I don’t like forcing things.” ― Lil Peep

44. “I hate it when you fake care.” ― Lil Peep

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Lil Peep’s Quotes on Life, Love, and Pain

45. “I remember, but she part of my past now.” ― Lil Peep

46. “Right now I know that I’m not really worth it. But give me some time, while I work on it.” ― Lil Peep

47. “Learn to be alone, because not everyone will stay.” ― Lil Peep

48. “For me, if I saw my favorite artist in the store, I would probably just tell them three words and walk away.” ― Lil Peep

49. “I’m very… controversial for some reason.” ― Lil Peep

50. “I don’t remember taking pictures with eighty percent of the people that I have taken pictures with. ” ― Lil Peep

51. “I go as hard as I can when I’m anxiety-free.” ― Lil Peep

52. “Away from here. Everybody so fake, everybody so fake—I swear. Go back there.” ― Lil Peep

53. “They let me do my diploma from home, but I always knew I was destined to do something creative, so I didn’t care.” ― Lil Peep

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Lil Peep, a young emo artist, shared quotes about life and love.

Despite dying young, his words still teach us.

He gained fame on SoundCloud and sang about tough topics.

Lil Peep said we should appreciate life because it’s short.

He also talked about working hard and staying true to yourself in music.

His quotes inspire people even after his death.

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