Laugh Out Loud: The Funniest Adventure Time Quotes of All Time

Adventure Time Quotes
Adventure Time Quotes


Popular animated television program Adventure Time has a devoted following among viewers of all ages.

The show is renowned for its unusual humor, vibrant imagery, and eccentric characters.

Additionally, Adventure Time has left us with a number of memorable and thought-provoking quotes that have connected with viewers.

10 Motivating Adventure Time Quotes To Start Your Day

  1. “Bad biscuits make the baker broke, bro.” (Jake the Dog)
  2. ”You’re letting your brain dial turn your fear volume up.” (Finn the Human)
  3. “People get built different. We don’t need to figure it out, we just need to respect it.” (Princess Bubblegum)
  4. “You don’t need a mirror to look good. You’re beautiful on the inside.” (Finn the Human)
  5. “Sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light.” (BMO)
  6. ”I don’t need to feel like I’m waiting to be noticed. I know who I am, and I’ll know what I want if and when it ever comes along.” (Fionna)
  7. “Everything small is just a smaller version of something big.” (Finn the Human)
  8. “You won’t be able to tell if everything is going to be totally haywire.” (BMO)
  9. “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” (Finn the Human)
  10. ”I’m collecting them all first to be sure I make the right choice!” (Ice King)

Top 10 Best Adventure Time Quotes

  1.  “When bad things happen, I know you want to believe they are a joke, but sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light.” – BMO
  2.  “Something weird might just be something familiar viewed from a different angle.” – Marceline’s Mom
  3.  “Sometimes, you don’t cry because you’re afraid of real emotion.” – Simon
  4.  “To live life, you need problems. If you get everything you want the minute you want it then what’s the point of living?” – Jake the Dog
  5.  “Hey, it’s okay. People make mistakes. It’s all part of growing up, and you never really stop growing.” – The Duke of Nuts
  6.  “I don’t think there are bad people. I think good people do bad stuff sometimes, and that’s bad. But if you just do it once, that’s a mistake. And that’s not bad.” – Marceline the Vampire Queen
  7.  “There’s no point letting them get to you, especially when you have so much to offer the world. Do as the Ice King does and shut out those naysayers!” – Ice King
  8.  “You’re letting your brain dial turn your fear volume up.” – Finn the Human
  9.  “Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.” – Jake the Dog
  10.  “I just thought about my anxieties, and it’s like my mind’s hand touched a hot memory stove.” – Carol

5 Adventure Time Quotes About Love

  1. “What you’re feeling is called infatuation. The pain is the product of you overvaluing a projected, imaginary relationship with me.” – Princess Bubblegum
  2.  “Well, no. I mean, if you feel something, you feel something. It’s not about personality matrixels and charts, it’s all about the bu-bumps in your heart. You can’t stop the pumps and bumps! Pumps and bumps! Pumps and bumps!” – Jake the Dog
  3.  “Don’t you know I’m a villain? Every night I’m out killin’, sending everyone running like children. I know why you’re mad at me. I’ve got demon eyes, and they’re looking right through your anatomy, into your deepest fears. Baby, I’m not from here, I’m from the Nightosphere. To me, you’re clear, transparent. You got a thing for me, girl; it’s apparent.” – Cole Sanchez
  4.  “With you, I would walk down any road, milady—especially if it leads to the movies.” – Finn the Human
  5.  “A love like theirs will always find a way. It’ll crawl all up over you and drain your body fluids, poisoning you slowly until you pass out.” – Jake the Dog

4 Adventure Time Quotes On Commitment and Marriage

  1. “Ohh, pretty baby wife. You’re the most normal thing in my whole life. We’re like two normal jelly beans sitting at the bottom of the jar, floating in a sea of olives, waiting for somebody to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, which I mentioned.” – Ice King
  2. “Marriage is a thing that allows me to capture a princess forever and let her live inside of me. Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world!” – Ice King
  3. “Girls are like horses—when you fall down, it’s important that you get right back on again, on a different horse.” – Jake the Dog
  4. “I know what I said! But you know, sometimes you say things and then you don’t really mean them?” – Ice King

4 Life-Affirming, Profound Adventure Time Quotes

  1. “Some people just make the world a worse place to be in just by being around, Jake. That’s right, bad apples. ‘Lock ’me all up,’ I say. At the bottom of the ocean, where it’s too dark to see.” – Finn the Human
  2. “Look, sweetie, someday you’ll be too big to hold. I’m as old as garlic balls. If someone offered to pick me up and carry me, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Take it, we can get it.” – Simon
  3. “I got no time for nobody dancing’ around and actin’ a fool at my expense. I’m Tree Trunks, and people know I’m kind and honest.” – Tree Trunks
  4.  “Dude, you can’t stay here if you’re gonna stank it up with your bad vibes, man!” – Jake the Dog

10 Adventure Time Humor Quotes

  1. “Drop ball is an extremely addictive high-intensity game designed for people everywhere.” – Ghost Man
  2.  “You are not an outsider; you wear cute little blue shorts.” – Jake the Dog
  3.  “I never knew being fat and lazy was so rewarding!” – Finn the Human
  4.  “Ladies and gentlemen—and Princess. I’m here to talk about multidimensional bubbles! But I am not just going to talk about blowing bubbles—I’m going to blow your minds.” – Finn the Human
  5.  “She totally grosses over 90% of her body, the other 10% is crazy-nasty.” – Dr. Ice Cream
  6.  “Too much artsy, not enough fartsy. We talked about this, clown!” – Ringmaster
  7.  “Poor little Lemonhope. Sweet little Lemonhope. Stuck in this bathroom, thrown in the garbage. Dunked in the pudding, dipped in the porridge. Poor little Lemonhope, throw me a lemon rope. Is there a home for me and my harp? A place where friends give me hugs? There’s no use to mope, there’s no use to hope. No use at all for fragile, precious, darling, baby, poor little Lemonhope.” – Lemonhope
  8.  “What the heck are you guys doing in my crack? It’s three o’clock in the morning!” – Billy
  9.  “I am ready to receive instruction from the realm of creation above me for the sandwich I am about to conceive. I am open. Use me.” – Jake the Dog
  10.  “That’s okay, buddy. Just dig me a hole, then. Actually, two holes—one for my guts and one for my face, ’cause when I die, my guts are gonna blow out of my face!” – Jake the Dog

3 Quotes from Adventure Time Regarding Evil and Death

  1. “Killing pixies is some hardcore evil.” – Marceline the Vampire Queen
  2.  “You’re just trying to make me feel sad so you can steal my tears when I cry, but I’ve got a heart of stone, buddy. I’m evil!” – Forest Cyclops
  3.  “Hey, Princess Bubblegum, when we bring the dead back to life, will they be filled with worms?” – Finn the Human

4 Quotes From Adventure Time About Hatred and Self-Control

  1.  “I’m not falling’ for your junk anymore, lady. You just like saying poop that jacks with my brain.” – Finn the Human
  2.  “Ohh, he can’t be caught. He’s got magic. And we’re worthless freaks, we can’t ever beat him! So we’ve gathered here to wallow in our self-pity.” – Gork
  3.  “No son, you did good. Having no self-control makes you a tough galoot, like me!” – Joshua
  4.  “You’re weird and old and you kidnap princesses.” – Lumpy Space Princess

5 Adventure Time Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

  1.  “I—I think I was visited by aliens again. Uh, every few years, they stop by and show me my hybrid children.” – Tree Trunks
  2.  “Thanks for responding to my call, guys. I’m in a serious pickle, and I mean the bad kind—I mean like, a really smelly brown pickle?” – Prismo
  3.  “Let’s go in the garden, you’ll find something waiting. Right there where you left it lying upside down. When you finally find it, you’ll see how it’s faded. The underside is lighter when you turn it around. Everything stays right where you left it. Everything stays but it still changes. Ever so slightly, daily and nightly. In little ways when everything stays.” – Marceline the Vampire Queen
  4.  “I’m a vampire! Drinking blood is kind of the main thing.” – Hierophant
  5.  “You were zapped by Darren the Ancient Sleeper, your dome was cracked, your root beer soaked into the ground! I buried your remains in a mason jar which is now your head, and—an-and now I’m—I’m with Starchy. I’m mean, we’re—we’re legally married. You’re legally dead. Not that I want to sound obsessed with legalities, but I am a lawyer.” – Cherry Cream Soda Girl

7 Funny Adventure Time Quotes That’ll Have You Wanting More

  1. “You won’t be able to tell if everything is going to be totally haywire.” – BMO
  2.  “That’s it! The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!” – Princess Bubblegum
  3.  “I’m collecting them all first, to be sure I make the right choice!” – Ice King
  4.  “Pick up that platter, tough guy.” – Princess Bubblegum
  5.  “This is really, really bad, Finn! You can’t break royal promises! Never, ever, never, no matter what, forever!” – Princess Bubblegum
  6.  “I’m not jealous. I’m weird!” – Finn the Human
  7.  “No, this is wrong. They’re not coming back to life—they’re still dead! The decorpsinator serum—it’s incomplete!” – Princess Bubblegum

6 Adventure Time Quotes of Brevity

  1. “Then your wish is my command.” – Party God
  2.  “Squeeze real hard. He’s slipping!” – Finn the Human
  3.  “I’m not righteous. I’m wrong-teous! Stupid-teous.” – Finn the Human
  4.  “You are crazier than a cannibal tonight.” – Jake the Dog
  5.  “Homies help homies always.” – Finn the Human
  6.  “Oh yah! Being lumpy is the best!” – Finn the Human

For more inspiring and memorable quotes from Adventure Time and other beloved shows, be sure to explore my other articles and resources on the topic.


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