99 Fake Family Quotes: Truth is Thicker than Blood

Fake family quotes
Fake family quotes and their meanings

Sometimes, family is supposed to be supportive but things may not be the case and it is sad that the same family may plot against you and plan your downfall. We have assembled fake family quotes and their meanings.


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“Some of the most vicious people come disguised as friends and family.”

This quote means that sometimes people who are closest to us, such as friends and family, can be the most harmful to us. They may pretend to care for us but have hidden agendas or motives that could cause us harm.

“The family will be toxic, and they wonder why you never want to be around them.”

This quote means that some families can be harmful and unhealthy to be around. They may exhibit toxic behavior, and yet they may not understand why their family members want to distance themselves from them.

“Never worry about the family that ignores you and acts like you do not exist, focuses on those that are always there for you.”

This quote means that it’s important to focus on the people who support and care for you, rather than those who neglect or mistreat you. It’s okay to let go of toxic family members and focus on building relationships with people who truly care for you.

“Fake friends and family do not matter to me; I only care about real people.”

This quote means that the speaker values authenticity and genuine relationships. They prioritize real connections over superficial ones, and they do not put much value on fake friends or family members.

“Snakes do not live in bushes anymore; they call you family and live in your space, watch out for them.”

This quote means that deceitful and harmful people can be found anywhere, even in our closest relationships. People who pretend to be our friends or family may have ulterior motives or be harmful to us, and it’s essential to be aware of this and watch out for them.

“Some bridges built with fake families need to be burnt down; cut your circle smaller.”

This quote means that sometimes it’s necessary to let go of toxic relationships, even if they are with family members. The speaker suggests that it’s better to have a smaller circle of genuine relationships than to keep toxic people in our lives.

“You hold their secrets, but they are quick to spill yours; that is what fake family members do.”

This quote means that fake family members may not be trustworthy, and they may betray our trust by revealing our secrets to others. It’s important to be cautious and selective in who we share personal information with.

“You spot fake families when they distance themselves at the time they are to show you love the most.”

This quote means that fake family members may only show up when it’s convenient for them, such as during times of celebration or when they need something. They may distance themselves during difficult times, such as illness or hardship, and this is a sign that they may not be genuine.

“Some bridges built with fake families need to be burnt down; cut your circle smaller.”

This quote reiterates the importance of cutting toxic people out of our lives, even if they are family members. It’s better to have a small circle of genuine and supportive relationships than to maintain unhealthy and harmful relationships.

“Fake people are scarce on the street because they now disguise themselves as friends and family.”

This quote means that it can be challenging to identify fake people, as they may disguise themselves as close and trustworthy relationships. It’s important to be cautious and mindful of who we allow into our lives and our inner circle.


“It is not your fault you are born into a toxic family, but you get to choose how you are treated.”

This quote means that it is not your fault if you are born into a family that is toxic, but you have the power to choose how you will be treated and how you will respond to their toxicity.

“Begin your journey to finding a true family bond; never forget how your toxic family treated you. Loyalties, trust, love, and true friendship make a family; blood only decides who shares your DNA.”

This quote means that you should start looking for a true family bond and never forget how your toxic family treated you. A family is built on loyalty, trust, love, and true friendship, and it’s not just about blood relations.

“Loyalties, trust, love, and true friendship make a family; blood only decides who shares your DNA.”

This quote means that family is not just about blood relations, but it’s about loyalty, trust, love, and true friendship.

“Let this be the last year you tolerate fake love, toxic family, unsupportive friends, and backstabbers.”

This quote means that you should not tolerate fake love, toxic family, unsupportive friends, and backstabbers anymore, and make a resolution to move away from them.

“Do not let fake people take advantage of you; they do not deserve a place in your future.”

This quote means that you should not allow fake people to take advantage of you, and they do not deserve a place in your future.

“Toxic people always come out to show their true selves, be disappointed but not surprised.”

This quote means that toxic people will eventually show their true colors, and you should be disappointed but not surprised when it happens.

“Do not let them bring their toxic passive-aggressive-filled conversation to your doorstep; fake relatives are experts in projecting trauma.”

This quote means that you should not allow toxic people to bring their negative and passive-aggressive behavior to your doorstep, and fake relatives are experts at projecting their trauma onto others.

“The saddest thing about backstabbers is most times, family and friends are holding the knife.”

This quote means that it’s often the people closest to us, such as family and friends, who betray us and hurt us the most.

“Never listen to what they say, watch what they do, read in between the line, and you will never be caught unguarded.”

This quote means that you should pay attention to people’s actions rather than just their words, and read between the lines to avoid being caught off guard.

“Stay focused; nothing can be worse than fake friends.”

This quote means that you should stay focused and avoid fake friends because nothing can be worse than being surrounded by fake people.

“It is not okay for family to hurt you, do not let them change you.”

This quote means that it is not okay for family to hurt you, and you should not allow them to change who you are as a person.

“Asking for support is not asking for too much; the fake ones do not love you enough to show it.”

This quote means that it’s okay to ask for support when you need it, and if people don’t show you love and support, then they are not genuine.

“Never forget the lessons they teach you.”

This quote means that you should never forget the lessons that you learn from toxic people, as they can help you grow and avoid similar situations in the future.

“Fake family and friends will always choose material over you.”

This quote means that fake family and friends will always prioritize material things over your well-being and happiness.

Fake family and friends do not need a reason to hurt you; they can always create their world of hate out of pure jealousy.

This quote highlights that fake friends and family members don’t need a valid reason to hurt you. Their jealousy and envy towards you can fuel their negative behavior towards you.

Their hate is powerless until you choose to dwell on it.

This quote means that someone’s negative feelings or hate towards you can only have power over you if you allow it to. By choosing not to dwell on their hate, you can maintain control over your emotions and actions.

When they put you down, your reaction determines your healing progress.

This quote implies that how you react to negative comments or actions from fake friends or family members affects your emotional healing process. Reacting positively or choosing not to react at all can help you heal and move on.

It is never your fault; it’s who they are, be grateful you are nothing like them.

This quote means that the negative behavior of fake friends and family members is a reflection of who they are and not your fault. You should be grateful that you are not like them and focus on surrounding yourself with positive people.

You can show them love and blessing, and they show you nothing but teach you a lesson; it’s not about you.

This quote suggests that showing love and kindness to fake friends and family members may not always result in receiving the same in return. However, it’s not about you, but rather a reflection of who they are. You can still show love and kindness without expecting anything in return.


“The fake family are real good at being fake; you have to be real good at spotting and identifying them.”

It is essential to be able to recognize and identify fake family members who pretend to be something they are not.

“Accept their apology but never trusts them; toxic people always find a way to stab you in the back.”

It is possible to forgive someone, but it is crucial not to trust them again, especially if they have shown toxic behavior in the past.

“Never expect loyalty from fake people that cannot give something as small as honesty.”

It is essential to remember that fake people cannot be loyal or honest, and one should not expect them to be.

“Never let them find you at the same spot they left you, move on.”

It is important not to allow fake people to bring you back to the same place they left you and to move on with your life.

“Never deal with people who show you love only when it is convenient for them.”

It is important to avoid people who only show you love and care when it benefits them.

“Separate yourself from the fake family who does not share your vision; it can be heart-breaking, but never give up.”

It is essential to separate oneself from fake family members who do not share one’s vision, even though it may be a challenging decision to make.

“Never feel guilty for choosing yourself; keep moving forward.”

It is okay to prioritize oneself and not feel guilty about it, and one should continue to move forward.

“Fake family dims your light when they hover around you; like clouds, you will see the light when they disappear.”

Fake family members can bring negativity into one’s life and dim one’s light, but once they disappear, one’s light will shine brightly again.

“Those sitting down to listen to your slander are enemies.”

People who sit and listen to others slandering someone are not true friends and should be considered enemies.

“You should know your enemies to face them; fake friends are the worst; they stab you in the back.”

It is important to identify one’s enemies, including fake friends who can be the most hurtful.

“Fake friends and relatives deserve only one revenge, your success.”

The best way to get revenge on fake friends and relatives is by succeeding and proving them wrong.

“Learn to walk away from people with no morals and values; they will only threaten your peace of mind.”

It is essential to distance oneself from people with no morals and values as they can cause unnecessary stress and threaten one’s peace of mind.

“When you keep fake family members in your space, they turn from excess baggage to garbage.”

When one keeps fake family members around, they become nothing more than trash that needs to be disposed of.

“Fake people are friends of the dark because light exposes them.”

Fake people prefer darkness because light exposes their true nature.

“The fake family will never help you win; they watch you struggle and still talk ill about you.”

Fake family members will not help one succeed and will instead talk negatively about one even when they are struggling.

“When we identify the wrongs done to us, we will be more sympathetic to those suffering around us.”

Once one recognizes the injustices done to them, they can become more compassionate towards others who may be suffering similarly.

“If I cut you out of my life, I don’t hate you; I value my peace of mind.”

Cutting someone out of one’s life does not necessarily mean hatred, but rather prioritizing one’s peace of mind.


I will rather spend time with my pet than with fake people masked as family.

This quote emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine and supportive people rather than those who pretend to be close but are actually toxic. The speaker would rather spend time with their pet than with fake family members who do not truly care about them.

They smile to your face and plot in their minds.

This quote serves as a warning to be cautious of those who act friendly and kind but are secretly plotting against you. Such people may smile to your face while harboring ill intentions towards you.

The people who can betray you are the people you tell your secrets to, be careful what you let out.

This quote highlights the importance of being selective about who you confide in and share personal information with. It serves as a reminder that those closest to you have the power to hurt you the most, and caution is necessary in choosing who to trust.

Watch out for people who create storms and look for who to blame it on.

This quote warns against individuals who manipulate situations and create chaos, only to shift the blame onto others. Such people may be toxic and should be avoided.

I may be the black sheep of the family because I am myself, unlike people who are pretentious and live in the closet.

This quote acknowledges that some individuals may be ostracized or labeled as the “black sheep” of the family because they choose to be true to themselves rather than conform to societal norms. The speaker values authenticity over conformity and recognizes the importance of living life on one’s own terms.

A toxic family has no foundation; a natural family bond is based on love, trust, and sacrifice.

This quote highlights the importance of healthy familial relationships built on love, trust, and sacrifice. A toxic family lacks these qualities and is therefore unstable and unhealthy.

If you let them, they will not only destroy your life, but they will also steal your peace.

This quote serves as a warning against allowing toxic people to have power over one’s life. Such individuals can not only destroy one’s life but also rob them of their peace of mind.

Protect yourself from fake people; never let them fool you again.

This quote emphasizes the need to be vigilant and protective against those who are fake and toxic. It encourages one to learn from past experiences and not be fooled by such individuals again.

Keeping fake family members around you is as dangerous as keeping enemies around you.

This quote highlights the danger of keeping toxic and fake family members close. Such individuals can be just as harmful as one’s enemies and should be avoided for one’s own well-being.

The mask will always fall off, no matter the disguise.

This quote suggests that true intentions and character cannot be hidden forever, and eventually, the truth will be revealed. One should be wary of those who wear a mask or pretend to be someone they are not.

Fake family members will lie to your face and never accept responsibilities.

This quote highlights the lack of accountability and honesty displayed by fake family members. Such individuals may lie and refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, which can be detrimental to healthy relationships.

Time unmasks true intentions.

This quote suggests that over time, people’s true intentions and character are revealed. One should be patient and observant, allowing time to reveal the true nature of individuals.

Family is determined not by DNA but by people who consistently show you loyalty.

This quote emphasizes the importance of loyalty in determining familial bonds. It suggests that those who consistently show loyalty and support are more like family than those who share DNA but may not have a strong bond.

They act fake because that is the only way to get people to love them.

Some people pretend to be someone they are not in order to gain acceptance and love from others.

Stop explaining yourself; they will only try to gaslight you.

It is not always productive to explain your actions or feelings to certain people, especially if they have a history of trying to manipulate or deceive you.

Family members know how to position themselves in a place where you can trust them, making it hard for you to cut them off.

Sometimes family members can be manipulative and position themselves in a way that makes it hard for you to distance yourself from them, even if they are toxic.

I would rather be alone than with people who put you down and make you seem crazy.

It is better to be alone than to be around people who constantly belittle and invalidate you.

Fake people care a lot only about their image.

People who are not genuine and authentic often prioritize their image and reputation over their true selves and relationships with others.

I wonder how we sit at the table together, knowing the grudge we hold against each other.

It can be uncomfortable to be in a social situation with someone you are holding a grudge against.

Fake family members are always ready to listen to your problem to use it against you.

Some people pretend to be supportive and caring, but they may use your vulnerabilities and problems against you later on.

Fake family members shut their eyes and pretend they do not see the harm they are doing.

Some family members may knowingly cause harm to others but choose to ignore it and pretend everything is okay.

In an ideal family, everyone is supposed to row the boat together and leave no one behind.

In a healthy family dynamic, everyone works together and supports each other rather than leaving anyone behind.

Trust is like glass; once broken can never be fixed but replaced when people break you, replace them.

Trust is fragile and can be easily broken. It is difficult to repair once it is broken, but it is important to replace toxic people with healthier relationships.


Fake people never give you a standing ovation. When you successfully pay attention.

Fake people often do not give genuine praise or support, even when someone succeeds.

A trusted friend at hand is better than a thousand relatives in a toxic family setting.

It is better to have a few trustworthy and supportive friends than to have many toxic family members.

Home is where your peace is.

Home should be a place of comfort and peace, where you can feel safe and secure.

And the award for the best fake family member is reading this quote.

This quote is sarcastic and suggests that some family members are not genuine and may pretend to be supportive when they are not.

A healthy family setting discusses the solution to your problem, not gossip about it.

In a healthy family dynamic, discussions should focus on finding solutions to problems rather than gossiping or blaming others.

A healthy family is a ladder for members to reach their potential.

In a healthy family, members should support and encourage each other

Distance yourself from fake family, do not build bridges.

Sometimes it is best to distance yourself from fake family members who do not have your best interests at heart. Building bridges and trying to mend relationships with these people may only lead to further harm and toxicity.

Treasure the good memories that have left a sweet taste in your mouth with loving families.

It is important to cherish and hold onto the happy memories shared with loving family members. These memories can bring comfort and serve as a reminder of the positive experiences and relationships in life.

The saddest part of growing up in a toxic family is the bitter taste and scar it leaves you with.

Being raised in a toxic family can have long-lasting effects and leave emotional scars. It can be a difficult and painful experience that takes time to heal from.

When they wish you well, act as if you believe them.

Sometimes people may wish you well but not genuinely mean it. It is important to be cautious and not fully trust those who have shown to be fake or insincere in the past.

A toxic family can mess you up; you must learn to love them from afar.

Being around a toxic family can be harmful to one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. It may be necessary to maintain a distance from them for one’s own safety and well-being.

Never sacrifice your peace of mind to mend bridges with fake people.

It is not worth sacrificing one’s own peace of mind and well-being to try to mend relationships with fake people who do not have one’s best interests at heart. It is important to prioritize one’s own mental and emotional health.

Make sure you got your own back.

This quote means that you should prioritize yourself and be self-sufficient. Don’t rely on others to always have your back, as you may end up disappointed. Take care of yourself and ensure that you have your own support system.

Some people come into your life to play a part; show them the exit door when they are done.

This quote means that some people may enter your life for a specific reason or purpose, and once that purpose is fulfilled, it’s okay to let them go. Don’t hold onto relationships that no longer serve you, and be willing to let go of people who are no longer adding value to your life.

Just like seasons, fake people will always come and go.

This quote means that fake people are temporary and will eventually leave your life, just like how seasons change. Don’t invest too much time or energy into these types of relationships, and instead focus on building genuine connections with people who are authentic and true.

The battle is not cutting off from fake family ties; the problem is keeping them off.

This quote means that cutting off ties with fake family members may be difficult, but the real challenge lies in maintaining that distance and keeping them out of your life. It requires strength and determination to set boundaries and stick to them, but it’s necessary for your own well-being.

If their absence brings you peace, you don’t need them anymore.

This quote means that if someone’s absence from your life brings you a sense of peace and relief, it’s a sign that they were not a positive influence and you don’t need them in your life. Letting go of toxic people can be difficult, but ultimately it’s better for your mental health and happiness.

You gain what you lose to a toxic family as a life lesson and experience.

The quote suggests that having a toxic family can result in a loss of certain things, but it can also provide valuable lessons and experiences. While it may be challenging and painful, dealing with a toxic family can help an individual grow and develop resilience, as well as learn how to set boundaries and prioritize their own well-being. The quote encourages individuals to try to find some positive takeaway from the experience, rather than focusing solely on the negative aspects.

Don’t make peace with fake people because you are alone, invest and reflect on yourself.

It’s better to be alone than to surround yourself with fake people just to avoid being lonely. Rather than settling for fake relationships, focus on investing in and reflecting on yourself. This can help you attract more genuine connections in the future.

If they let you down, dust yourself up.

If someone disappoints you, it’s important to pick yourself back up and move on. Don’t let their actions define your self-worth or drag you down.

Do not get used to being treated poorly by a circus of fake family members.

Don’t allow yourself to become accustomed to being mistreated by fake family members. It’s important to set boundaries and demand respect, even from those closest to you.

Real family corrects you with love; they do not throw you to the wolves.

True family members don’t abandon or turn against you when you make a mistake. Instead, they correct you with love and support, helping you learn and grow from your experiences.

Toxic family members never see the sacrifices you make for them.

When you sacrifice your time, energy, and resources for toxic family members, they may not appreciate or acknowledge your efforts. This can be emotionally draining and make it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

Fake family members always quote your words out of context.

Fake family members may twist your words and use them against you to create drama or further their own agenda. It’s important to be aware of this behavior and not engage with it.

They do not respect your beliefs or partner and always have negative opinions about everything.

Toxic family members may disrespect your beliefs or partner and have a negative attitude towards everything. This can create a toxic and uncomfortable atmosphere, making it important to set boundaries and limit interactions.

The toxic family never respects personal space and quickly resorts to verbal threats.

Toxic family members may invade your personal space and make you feel uncomfortable. They may also resort to verbal threats and aggression to get their way, which can be emotionally and mentally harmful.

Watch how they treat outsiders and their fake smiles to their neighbors; they will always show themselves.

The way someone treats others outside the family unit can be an indication of their true character. If toxic family members are kind to outsiders and have fake smiles for their neighbors, it may be a sign of their insincerity and lack of genuine connection within the family.

Protect your peace from a toxic family.

It’s important to prioritize your own well-being and protect your peace from a toxic family. This may mean setting boundaries, limiting interactions, or even cutting ties with family members who consistently cause harm.

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.” –
George Washington Carver

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