Funny anniversary quotes to make your parents laugh

Funny anniversary quotes to make your parents laugh
Funny anniversary quotes to make your parents laugh

Parents are precious, and celebrating their anniversaries is the ideal opportunity to show them love and gratitude for all that they do.

Inject a little humor into the celebrations with one of these funny anniversary quotes for parents.

We have listed some quotes and their meanings.

“Happy wedding anniversary Mom and Dad. You pair of old fogeys.”

This quote is a playful way of teasing the parents for being old and having been married for a long time.

It’s a way of acknowledging their longevity while also poking fun at the fact that they may be getting up there in years.

“Happy anniversary to the best parents in the world. Just remember to stick to the no PDA rule.”

This quote is a lighthearted reminder to parents that their public displays of affection may embarrass their children.

It’s a playful way of acknowledging the love between the parents while also poking fun at the discomfort it may cause their kids.


“To Mom on your anniversary, well done on not murdering Dad up to this point.”

This quote is a funny way of acknowledging the challenges and difficulties that come with a long-lasting marriage.

It’s a playful way of acknowledging that marriage can be difficult and that the parents should be commended for sticking together through thick and thin.


“Happy Wedding Anniversary to the most embarrassing Mom and Dad you could ask for.”

This quote is a playful way of acknowledging that parents can be embarrassing to their children at times, but that it’s all part of the love and affection that they have for their kids.

It’s a way of recognizing that the parents may do things that are cringe-worthy, but that it’s all in good fun and that they are loved despite their quirks.

“To Dad on your anniversary, I’m not sure how you’ve blagged it this far but keep at it.”

Acknowledging that marriage can be challenging and requires a lot of effort to maintain, this quote humorously highlights this fact.

In a playful manner, the dad is recognized for making it this far, potentially due to luck, and is encouraged to continue putting in the effort to keep the marriage successful.

“Behind every great Mom is a Dad who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.”

This quote humorously acknowledges the different roles played by parents in a family.

It can playfully be said that the hard work of the mom is often recognized, and an important role is also played by the dad.

Even if he may not always know what he’s doing.

“Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad. I think it’s very selfish you’ve lasted this long; children of divorced parents get two sets of presents.”

The longevity of the parent’s marriage is humorously recognized by this quote.

They are also teased for not getting divorced and potentially getting their children more presents.

It’s a playful way of acknowledging that divorce is common.

The parents should be proud of their long-lasting commitment to each other.

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