Mac Miller Quotes on Life, Love, and Music: A Tribute

Departed too early, these profound Mac Miller quotes will deepen your longing for the beloved late rapper.

Mac Miller, a man of remarkable humility and immense talent, provides a fresh perspective through his quotes.

Share your cherished Mac Miller song or lyric with us in the comments. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), millennials endure higher levels of stress and anxiety compared to any other generation.

Given that Mac Miller fell within this age group, his quotes on resilience, mental well-being, and self-care may deeply resonate with his contemporaries.


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Summary Of Mac Miller’s Life

Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick on January 19, 1992, was an American rapper, singer, and producer.

He hailed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he developed an early passion for music.

Mac Miller’s musical journey commenced with him mastering instruments such as the piano, drums, and guitar, and he began recording and producing his own music during his teenage years.

His distinctive musical style was characterized by a blend of introspective lyrics, melodic hooks, and an eclectic production approach, which propelled him to prominence in the music industry.

One of the pivotal moments in his career came with the release of his breakthrough mixtape, “K.I.D.S.” (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit) in 2010.

This project garnered significant attention and acclaim, thanks to Mac Miller’s charismatic delivery, witty wordplay, and laid-back demeanor, firmly establishing him as a rising star in the realm of hip-hop.

In 2011, Mac Miller’s debut studio album, “Blue Slide Park,” was unleashed, making history by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

He became the first independent artist to achieve this feat since 1995, marking a significant milestone in his career.

As an artist, Mac Miller was known for his willingness to explore and evolve. He delved into various styles and genres, releasing critically acclaimed projects like “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” (2013), “GO:OD AM” (2015), and “The Divine Feminine” (2016).

Alongside his artistic growth, his music often delved into personal struggles, addressing topics like substance abuse, depression, and heartbreak, connecting with audiences on a deep and relatable level.

Tragically, on September 7, 2018, Mac Miller’s life was cut short at the age of 26 due to an accidental drug overdose.

His untimely passing was a profound loss to the music world and his dedicated fan base.

Nevertheless, Mac Miller’s legacy endures through his music, which remains beloved by fans. His posthumous album, “Circles,” released in 2020, served as a testament to his continued artistry and growth as an artist.

Furthermore, the Mac Miller Circles Fund was established to provide resources and support for musicians grappling with addiction and mental health challenges, further solidifying his lasting impact on the industry.

Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller  had a net worth of $9 million at the time of his death in 2018 according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Best Mac Miller Quotes

Mac Miller frequently rapped on loss, addiction, hardship, and love.

His fans were profoundly impacted by his lyrics.

The list below includes some of the most famous quotes from Mac Miller.

  • “I like seeing good people win.”


  • “When being unable to differentiate a good from a bad decision—it has become time to follow your heart.”


  •  “Music is what I love. Take that away from me and I really got nothing.”


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  •  “You could have the world in the palm of your hand, but it don’t mean a thing ’til you change it.”


  •  “The life you live is more important than the words you speak.”


  •  “Some people need to just stop thinking about everything they do, and just do it.”


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  •  “They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams, but you gotta get up, and go, and think of better things.”


  • “Sometimes, it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing we can do is go with our heart, and hope it all goes well.”


  •  “People change and things go wrong, but just remember—life goes on.”


  •  “There’s a lot of beauty in the world, so go hang out, and go be a part of the solution rather than the problem.”


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  •  “Blessed with some success, so I’mma try my best to live my life right. When I see God, he’ll be impressed.”


  •  “No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.”


  •  “You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.”


  •  “I thank God for blessing me with life every day.”


Motivational Mac Miller Quotes

“The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they’ve gotten.”

  •  “Life goes on, days get brighter.”


  •  “If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t get far.”


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  •  “I just have always felt as long as I’m 100 percent honest, then it’s just me. It’s a lot easier to sleep at night that way.”


  • “I’ve been laughed at, hated on, no one would even play my songs. Wouldn’t even listen to anything that my name was on.”


  •  “When you feel sad, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Everyone has those days when you doubt yourself, and when you feel like everything you do sucks, but then there’s those days when you feel like Superman. It’s just the balance of the world. I just write to feel better.”


  •  “Everything will be good by the weekend.”
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  • “Planting the seeds, working and watching it grow.”


  •  “Go through the worst to reach the ecstasy.”


Mac Miller Quotes About Drugs and Emotions

  •  “I’m rockin’ PJs and no shirt. I smoke weed, eat yogurt.”


  •  “To everyone who sell me drugs. Don’t mix it with that b*llsh*t, I’m hopin’ not to join the 27 club. Just want the coke dealer house with the velvet rug. F*ck the world, there’s no one else but us.”


  •  “Came up from the gravel to the m*th*rf*ck*ng castle. Broke culture, all we do is trappin’ at the table breaking bread with Italians. Got a whole bunch of b*tch*s doing Valiums.”


  •  “I swear to God, I put the hero in h*r**n. These flows, kilos, I could sell snow to a ski slope. I could sell evil to the devil, nonbelievers to a temple. Sh*t, I could sell water to a speedboat.”


  •  “I got codeine in my cup, you can bet your *ss I’m sipping.”


  •  “I said it must be the drugs that got us thinking crazy sh*t.”


  •  “Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of.”


  •  “When you first get sober, you feel like a superhero. You feel real emotion because you’ve been suppressing it forever. It’s so much easier to navigate what’s important.”


  •  “Fear, to me, is a guiding thing more than anything.”


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  •  “Uncontrollable behavior with some psychopathic tendencies.”


Inspirational Mac Miller Quotes

  • “Never scared of death, but I ain’t ready for that day to come.”


  •  “Time goes by living without you. Hope you know, I’ve been thinking about you.”


  •  “The day that I die on will turn me into an icon.”


  •  “A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams.”


  •  “Life is just a recital, better remember all that you practice.”


  •  “So high looking at heaven below. You know me though from coast to coast for smoking dope.


  • Overdose with the holy ghost, but hold the phones…”


  • “Been contemplating if I even still believe in the truth.”


  • “I’m just an idea, nothing concrete.”


  • “People put their voice everywhere. All through Instagram comments. As minuscule and kind of stupid as that is, at the same time, it’s dope. People really feel like, ‘I have to say something,’ which is sometimes a little much, but like, ‘Go ahead, man. Speak away.’”


  • “It never gets boring for me because there’s so many different things to explore in the studio. The studio’s become the sanctuary that people have come in and found new things out about themselves, as weird as that sounds. But it’s true, I’m no different. I’ve made some crazy hard records, and I’ve made a jazz album.”


Short Mac Miller Quotes

Let’s keep things rolling with some more short Mac Miller quotes about the nature of life.

  • “People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.”
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  • “A life ain’t a life until you live it.”


  • “Before things come together, they have to fall apart.”


  • “Be you. You’ll be fine.”


  • “Live it up. Every second. Life don’t got a sequel.”


  • “Stop keeping score. Just keep swimming.”


Mac Miller Quotes On Love

  • “Never make yourself feel like nothing, to make someone else feel like everything.”
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  • “We run into each other and it’s like we don’t even speak the same language. I guess people are always going through changes.”


  • “Your divinity has turned me into a sinner. God is fair, and your beauty can even make hell have a winter.”


  • “Days turn into nights, conversations turn into fights, we gon’ be alright.”


  • “Don’t stress over could’ve been. If it should’ve been, odds are it would’ve.”


  • “Time goes by living without you. Hope you know, I’ve been thinking about you.”


  • “To me, women have always been the sturdiest people in my life and have been incredible sources of energy.”


  • “It’s easy to find someone who can f*ck you like no other, but it’s hard finding someone who will love you like no other.”


Inspirational Song Lyrics

Most people would concur that Mac Miller’s lyrics are joyful and upbeat.

Here are some of Mac Miller’s song quotes that are both powerful and motivational.

  • “I’m a do my thing until the day the reaper come for me. You can keep on grilling’, I’m a smile back.” – Mac Miller, ‘Smile Back.’



  • “Found a difference from the ground and the floor.” – Mac Miller, ‘Best Day Ever.’



  • “I think you’re too divine for my human mind / When I’m with you, what do you do? Bring me to life / No matter what, one day everyone dies / You think you a God ’til you run out of time.” – Mac Miller, ‘Soulmate’.



  • “Life couldn’t get better, this gon’ be the best day ever.” – Mac Miller, ‘Best Day Ever.’


  • “I turn the hotel to a castle / Livin’ like a king for a grand / I don’t do nothing, that’s a hassle / Besides, even that castle’s made of sand / Just might slip into the sea.” – Mac Miller, ‘Ladders.’



  • “The day that I die on will turn me to an icon.” – Mac Miller, ‘S.D.S.’


  • “It ain’t 2009 no more / Yeah, I know what’s behind that door.” – Mac Miller, ‘2009.’


  • “Enjoy the best things in your life cuz you ain’t gonna get to live it twice.” – Mac Miller, ‘Senior Skip Day.’



  • “I’m in awe, this jigsaw, puzzles not complete / I’m just an idea, nothing concrete.” – Mac Miller, ‘S.D.S.’


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