Quotes on Pablo Escobar: Unveiling the Mindset of the Notorious Drug Lord

Pablo Escobar, born on December 1, 1949, in Rionegro and raised in Medellín, abandoned his college education to delve into a life of crime, participating in illegal trade and theft.

Notorious for leading the violent Medellin Cartel, he held sway over 80% of the global cocaine trade, perpetrating numerous heinous acts.

Despite occasional benevolent gestures in impoverished communities and profound love for his family, Escobar’s criminal enterprises ultimately defined his legacy.

His downfall ensued when the Colombian government, with assistance from the United States, initiated an extensive manhunt.

On December 2, 1993, just a day after his 44th birthday, Colombian Police ended his life in his hometown, concluding an era that left a lasting impact on Colombia and the world.

Pablo Escobar had a Net Worth of $30 Billion, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Top  Pablo Escobar Quotes To Motivate You

  • “All empires are created of blood and fire.” – Pablo Escobar
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  • “Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “Life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “We have to create a presence so disruptive they’ll want nothing but peace.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “Nothing gives a fearful man more courage than another’s fear.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “To have power does not mean that one can abuse the poor.” – Pablo Escobar

Celebrated  Pablo Escobar Quotes we All Need To Hear

  •  “I am Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. My eyes are everywhere. That means you guys can’t move a finger in all of Antioquia without me knowing about it. Do you understand? Not a finger. One day, I’m going to be president of the Republic of Colombia. So look, I make deals for a living. Now, you can stay calm and accept my deal, or accept the consequences.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “I’ll die before I ever leave Colombia again.” – Pablo Escobar
  • “There can only be one king.” – Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar Quotes
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  • “They may separate us, but they’ll never be able to destroy us.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I don’t want to be good. I am going to be great.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “There’s cash buried everywhere. The guerillas, the paramilitary, the Narcos. Everybody’s burying cash.” – Pablo Escobar
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  •  “Silver or lead. You decide.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I’ll never surrender.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “Just like that, an honest man blinked.” – Pablo Escobar

Captivating Pablo Escobar Quotes To Help You Gain Great Understanding

  •  “I can replace things, but I could never replace my wife and kids.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “Lies are necessary when the truth is too difficult to believe.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “The problem is not a matter of money. The problem is a matter of dignity.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “The purpose of war is peace.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “The men of always aren’t interested in the children of never.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I’m a decent man who exports flowers.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “Geniuses are always branded as crazy.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I am not a rich person. I am a poor person with money.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “There is nothing lower than a rat. And if we let the rats run free, the streets will be filled with them.” – Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Quotes That Will Make You Think: His Tough  Persona

  •  “Sometimes I feel like God. When I order someone killed—they die the same day.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I would like to die on my own two feet. In the year 3047.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “No. Hippos don’t like Mexicans either.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  “I prefer to be in the grave in Colombia than in a jail cell in the United States.” – Pablo Escobar
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  •  “I turned myself into that punk, the vice minister of justice. But since there is no justice in this country, he is the vice minister of nothing.” – Pablo Escobar
  •  ”Give me a name. And you won’t have to split the cash with him.” – Pablo Escobar


Pablo Escobar, a notorious Colombian drug lord, controlled 80% of cocaine entering the U.S. Despite violent methods, he coined famous phrases like “I export flowers” and “Plata o plomo” (silver or lead), impacting popular culture.

Analyzing his quotes provides insight into his mindset. Escobar’s controversial legacy undeniably left a lasting impact.

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