Rick Ross Quotes: A Journey Through the Brilliance of a Hip-Hop Icon

These quotes from Rick Ross reveal facets of his personality beyond his achievements in the rap industry.

Although Rick Ross is widely known for his success in the music scene, he has diversified his talents as an entrepreneur, notably establishing his own music label.

Additionally, his background includes a period of service in law enforcement before gaining recognition in the music industry.

With a reported net worth of $40 million, Rick Ross stands as one of the most prosperous and affluent figures in the realm of rap.

Explore the following compilation of motivational, insightful, and sagacious quotes from Rick Ross, sourced from various outlets.

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Top  Rick Ross Quotes

  •  “I realized that my success comes from doing the things I love most.”


  •  “Every boss started as a worker.”
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  • “Every day, I’m hustlin’.”


  • “Every day is a new opportunity to reach that goal.”


  • “Regardless of how it goes down, life goes on.”
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  • “I just take everything one at a time and make sure everything I do is the best.”


  • “You gotta judge a man by his principles.”


  • “Ambition is priceless. It’s something that’s in your veins.”


  • “How many people you bless, is how you measure your success.”


  •  “I’m very versatile and there’s nothing I really regret in my life. I’m excited with who I am and I’m just going to keep riding the wave.”


  • “Being your best can only enhance your personal performance.”


  • “If you’re a hater we make you scared to show your face. It’s called success.”


  • “I believe everybody’s got the right to live their own life the way they want to.”


  •  “I may not be a role model, but I most definitely could be motivation for a lot of people in the hoods.”


  • “At the end of the day, I’m the biggest boss. I’m self-made.”


Popular Rick Ross Quotes

  • “I’m building a dream with elevators in it.”


  •  “These haters can’t hold me back.”


  •  “Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.”


  • “I’m from where your hustle determines your salary.”


  •  “Being dead broke is the root of all evil.”


  •  “My mom’s a hustler. She is a grinder.”


  •  “I’m a hustler. I’m the boss.”


  •  “Miami is a party city, a go-fast city.”


  • “Some of my best friends are white.”


  •  “Watching dudes come up is one of my biggest joys.”


  • “As an artist, you find at different times you want to do different things.”


  •  “When someone mentions my name because they’re attacking someone that I’m close with, it’s my problem now.”


  •  “When you walk in a room, the room should feel that this guy’s different. What does he do? Who is he? And that’s confidence, not cockiness.”


  •  “I believe in building your foundation—if your foundation is not rich, then you are far from rich.”


  •  “Woman is the most precious gift known to man.”

Motivating Rick Ross Quotes To Help You Keep Hustling

  • “Some experiences can give you a chip on your shoulder, but they also teach you the value of independence and looking out for yourself.”


  •  “Every day, the approach to life changes. And that’s what music is all about to me.”


  •  “Really, every day is the perfect day to boss up. Every day that you wake up is a perfect day to boss up. It’s all about continuing to put one foot in front of the next. That’s what it’s about. Whatever you think you’re going through, just put one foot in front of the next.”


  • “Are you the person who just wakes up, puts your T-shirt on, and runs out of the house? Or do you wake up an hour early, get your mental notes together, fix you a little coffee, prepare yourself for the day, and try to do something really great? It begins with you.”


Strong Rick Ross Quotes On Life

  •  “I’m single, I’m enjoying life. Being a boss. Like all true bosses, one day you gotta give it up.”


  • “With me being an artist that took over a decade to get on, there are so many different things that I have in common with artists that are struggling to get on.”


  • “There may be some difficulties during a period of adjustment. Specifically, picking up their life again and making their own truly independent decisions.”


Music-Related Rick Ross Quotes

  •  “I usually have an idea that I want to build on and let the music take me where I wanna go.”


  • “I like to write music for fun. That’s my hustle, my grind, my means of stayin’ alive, and it’s also my recreation, too.”


  •  “When I make music and I’m talking on records, it’s like I’m painting a picture. In my mind, I’m seeing a film.”


  •  “It’s pretty much a given known fact in the industry that before I was successful, I wrote for other artists.”


  •  “I’m fortunate enough to socialize with some of the greatest musicians around.”


  • “I do see a lot of young artists who write records or sacrifice records because there are a lot of older artists who are preoccupied; they don’t have as much time as they used to to be in the studio.”


  • “When you face obstacles or go through different phases, I always rely on my music. I depend on my music, my teammates. So at the end of the day, having incredible music, for me, would keep me in the space I want to be as an artist.”


  •  “I ain’t makin’ music for the media. I make music for the people in the streets—that want a street level of entertainment. I’m makin’ music because I have the streets to feed.”

Rick Ross Quotes That Emphasize His Achievements

  • “I’ve been fortunate enough to experience financial success on a large scale through both my music career and my many business ventures. With this type of financial success comes financial responsibility.”


  •  “A boss is all about good business, so start with everything that you can control and you can turn up that costs you nothing, then lay all the knobs out, look at all the controls, all the remotes, and just turn them all up. It don’t cost you anything.”


  •  “I believe I’ve always been so successful on the Black market for a lot of different reasons.”


  •  “I remember when I couldn’t afford to eat like this. It was ramen noodles and the San Francisco Treat. Dessert? Get you a honey bun and put a slice of cheese on it. Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds and you had the gift of a lifetime.”


  •  “I created MMG years ago. My desire was to create a space where the most talented artists in the world could be nurtured and supported. With that came a commitment. I vowed to support these artists through the good and the bad.”


Astute Money-Related Rick Ross Quotes

  •  “Money doesn’t make me—I make the money.”
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  • “There’s always money to get.”


  • “It’s a new year, new year, new money, money!”


  •  “I’m making my money make money.”


  •  “Living fast where it’s all about the money bags? Never front.”


  •  “As artists, we are blessed to be able to make money but, on the same note, are held accountable for our federal tax obligations just like everyone else.”

Rick Ross Quotes on The Value Of Family

  • “My kids love me. I’m blessed.”


  • “I keep my family involved in all business.”


  • “Momma gettin’ older feelin’ pains In her shoulder. I gotta stay focused and remain a little soldier.”


  •  “I really savor the times of me and all my best friends and family members getting together.”


  • “I’d never trade my old girl for all the money in the world. I’d never trade my daughter Toya for all the money in the world. I’d never trade my only boy for all the money in the world. I put my last name first!”


  •  “My father wasn’t there the majority of the time. My father, someone who I always honored and looked up to, had been in the military; he had been to war. I would hear stories about different experiences he went through, but as I got older, my father moved away.”


Funny Rick Ross Quotes  That Will Make You Laugh

  • “Love is for free, just expensive to shop.”
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  • “Am I really just a narcissist, ‘cause I woke up to a bowl of lobster bisque?”


  •  “My father watched all the ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ that you could imagine, along with the martial arts. So I was into all that as a youngster, and I always rooted for the bad guy.”


  •  “Being a big guy, you face certain challenges. Over time, though, women found excuses to find me attractive.”


  • “I won’t sing to you like Chris and Ne-Yo, but I’m fresher than a stick of deo.”

Further Rick Ross Quotes

  • 68. “I feel like I can make records where, you know, I can get in the alley and exchange bars with Styles P, but I can also get in the studio and create a classic with Rihanna.”


  • 69. “If you’re a battle rapper on the block, the emcee battle challenger, not writing your rhymes could really hurt you. When you’re an artist where maybe the focus is really the talent and the different things you bring to the game, I believe it’s more understandable.”


  • “It’s absolutely fun to walk around and have people respect you. When Michael Jackson did Thriller, I was in the park one day, and a girl came up to me and said, ‘Man, the only people they talk about around here are Michael Jackson and you.’ It was pretty flattering to be considered in the same light as the king of pop in my area.”


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