Ruth Langmore Quotes: Discovering the Strength and Sass in Every Line

Indulge in the Timeless Wisdom of Ruth Langmore Quotes from Ozark!

A pivotal figure throughout seasons 1-4 of the acclaimed Netflix series Ozark, Ruth Langmore stands out as a central character.

Introduced at the age of 19, Ruth carries the weight of a challenging upbringing that molded her into a resilient, sharp-witted, and self-reliant individual.

Tragedy struck early in Ruth’s life when her mother passed away when she was just 8, and her father spent much of her childhood behind bars.

Raised in the family trailer compound, Ruth’s closeness to her cousins, Wyatt and Three, contrasts with her dominance over her two uncles, leaving her primarily in solitude.

Armed with a sharp tongue and a savvy business acumen, Ruth navigates through unconventional job opportunities that, though illegal, empower her in unexpected ways.

Throughout the series, viewers witness Ruth confronting difficult choices that ultimately lead her to take the life of Javier Elizonndro in retaliation for his actions against her cousin Wyatt and friend Darlene.

The consequences of her actions unfold tragically, as she meets her demise at the hands of the cartel leader, Camila Elizonndro.

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Extreme Ruth Langmore Quotes

Ruth is an extreme character who does not back down, as seen in the quotes below.

1. “If you want to stop me, you’re going to have to… kill me!” – Ruth Langmore


2. “If you’re a killer, then I’m Snow White, and I don’t see any dwarves around.” – Ruth Langmore

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3. “You’re really willing to get me killed?” – Ruth Langmore


4. “Shut your nugget mouth and get the hell out.” – Ruth Langmore


5. “If I was kidding, I would’ve said you’re witty and handsome.” – Ruth Langmore

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6. “Why would they make DEFCON1 worse than DEFCON 5?” – Ruth Langmore


7. “Lord help me… if you eat all my pringles.” – Ruth Langmore


8. “Look, I know I kissed you last night, but it’s ‘cause I thought I was gonna die.” – Ruth Langmore


9. “What you got ain’t a disability, just poor judgement.” – Ruth Langmore

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10. “I’m not a welfare bum.” – Ruth Langmore


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Chief Ruth Langmore Quotes

Ruth is not a follower, she is a leader, as the following quotes show.

11. “Now, they’re about to be running here, and when they do, you’re gonna tell them exactly what you told me, or I’ll shoot you.” – Ruth Langmore


12. “If you want to stop me, you’re gonna have to f**king kill me!” – Ruth Langmore


13. “That’s why I’m bringing on Rachel as a partner. It’ll be her name on everything.” – Ruth Langmore


14. “I’m sorry it didn’t go well with the sheriff the other day. I…I just don’t do well with authority figures.” – Ruth Langmore


15. “Listen, Martin, wouldn’t you agree it’s always a good idea to keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” – Ruth Langmore


16. “And just what do you expect me to do here? First of all, go ahead and follow the money if you want, ‘cause it ain’t gonna lead you nowhere.” – Ruth Langmore


17. “Every time I check the money, there’s less of it. The stacks are half of what they were a month ago.” – Ruth Langmore


18. “I only saw the one who pointed the gun at me.” – Ruth Langmore


19. “You know, Wyatt, in our world, it’s good to be one of the smart ones. Remember that, okay?” – Ruth Langmore


20. “Tell me, why do rich folks need so much money spent on them before they’ll even think about going in their own pocket?” – Ruth Langmore


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Loyalty Counts.

While acquiring substantial business knowledge at the Byrdes, Ruth undergoes some tough lessons.

Discovering that they fail to safeguard her or honor their promises, she recognizes that her only true loyalty lies with her family.

Ruth becomes entirely devoted to her family, yet tragically, this loyalty leads to her demise.

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